ice bath experience

Regardless of which solution suits you best, a bathing guide is always included that keeps the sauna warm, the fire alive and offers freshly brewed  coffee.

A quick dip

Perfect for those who want to try a winter bath. You arrive to a hot sauna and can jump into the ice-cold water immediately.

The sauna can accommodate 5 people, but you can

be significantly more if you can imagine taking turns in the sauna.

Of course, there is a fire and seating next to the sauna if you want to warm up outside or want to grill a sausage.

Access to the area for 2 hours.

price SEK 1500 up to 5 people.

If there are more than 5 people, it costs SEK 300 for each extra person.

ice bath with warm cozy boat house

In addition to a hot sauna and a guaranteed cold bath, we heat up the old cozy boat house which can accommodate 20 people sitting at long tables. Bring your own food or let us arrange catering. A guaranteed cozy day or evening!

We don't skimp on marshals or oil lamps on the ice and the wake is illuminated with underwater lights.

Suitable for about 10-20 people if they have the patience to wait for a place in the sauna. Otherwise, we will arrange another sauna at an additional cost.

Access to the area for 4 hours

Price: Contact us for price details depending on the layout

Snowshoes or forest skis

We have 5 pairs of old  wooden skis and 5 pairs of modern snowshoes for those who want to take a trip in untracked terrain.

Price SEK 100 day

Rent a sauna tent

Now we can finally offer the rental of a first-class sauna tent. Camp wherever you want with our flexible pop-up tent. Only your imagination sets limits to your sauna experience

Price SEK 1000 day

conference/party or or a full day with a guide....

Together, we will come up with a concept that suits your group. A night trip with snowshoes and headlamp in search of the northern lights or perhaps bivouac building with an overnight stay on the sea ice. Or maybe a wilderness chef of your own who cooks over an open fire...

Contact us for a quote